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| Recreational Pilot License

Our all-inclusive flight training programme is tailored for you from Day 1 right through to your Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL). This is a great starting point if you want to fly with friends and family in our Bristell BRM Aero, Piper Tomahawk II or Cessna 172. The RPL package includes flight training, all theory lessons with one of our experienced instructors and your first training area solo flight.

Both, your Recreational Pilot Licence or Recreational Pilot Certificate, are the stepping-stone for any further pilot licenses. With us you can start your initial flight training either in a Bristell BRM Aero, Piper Tomahawk II or a Cessna 172 with our optimised and cost-efficient training package. You can use this type of license to simply fly for leisure or use this qualification to fly towards a PPL or CPL.

All our courses meet the standards and requirements of CASA and RAAus.

Our commitment to you?

  • Full-time availability – 7 days a week, from first light until late afternoon.
  • Highly skilled instructors with up to 2,000 hours on all our aircraft models. Because safety ALWAYS comes first!
  • Non-crowded airspace. No waiting times before take off – meaning you get your actual flight time in the air!
  • No hidden fees! Our packages are designed to get you straight to your desired pilot license.

What you need?

 Are there any medical requirements?

  • All you need is a current driver’s license. Alternatively your GP can sign a form saying that you are medically fit to drive a car.

What’s involved?

Our RPC package is based on an all-inclusive one-on-one flight training in the Bristell aircraft with one of our experienced instructors. All briefings and theory lessons needed to obtain your first licence are also included and cover basic aeronautical knowledge, meteorology, radio procedures, basic air law and navigation. Our courses have been thoroughly designed to get you your results in a designated amount of time all the while putting your safety first. 

All of our aircraft are meticulously maintained and checked and always on top of every required safety check.

Our Chief Flight Instructor oversees the progress of each student and decides when you will be ready for your flight test.