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| Prepare To Go Solo

Prepare To Go Solo and Complete the RPC.

Prepare to go solo is designed to do exactly that.  Prepare you to go solo! There are 12 flights in the course all with briefing and debriefing time allocated to maximise the value of your time in the air.  We book your lessons in a 2.5-3.5 hours block and ask that you try to book regular flights at least weekly with bookings made a month in advance to make sure you are able to continuously develop your flying skills and manage your life around your flying training.  

Weekend availability is limited and we have late afternoon and early morning training spots available, but as professionals we work professional hours so that’s where you will find our most availability.

Your course will start with 2 days of ground school where you will learn the basic science of flight, how your aircraft works, what all the systems on the aircraft do and how they work as well as how to care for your training plane.  Your instructor will take you through aircraft and airfield safety, hangar induction and show you everything you are going to do before each flight.  You wont be ready for your theory exams but by the end of this course you will have a solid understanding of what you are about to undertake and a good knowledge of your training aircraft.

Inclusions are:

  • Theory book
  • Printed Syllabus of Training
  • Printed Aircraft specific flight training notes
  • Printed Aircraft Checklist
  • Printed photo of your training aircraft cockpit (practice those checks!)
  • Electronic copy of the Aircraft Flight Manual
  • Two full days of theory (required prior to starting your flying)
  • 12 Flying hours (13 in Canberra)
  • All ground briefings including reading weather, aircraft safety and care, airport operations to name a few (controlled airspace and MPPC in Canberra)
  • Pre solo theory examination
  • Flight Radio Endorsement (Canberra only)

The training time allocated for this course is enough for most people to go solo at the end but don’t worry if you don’t. There is no pressure.  In the second course you have time to consolidate so you are ready to take flight on your own.

Complete the RPC

This package is 18 flying hours and includes briefings, exams, solo flight and consolidation time in the air to prepare you for your flight test.  Many of our students complete their RPC in the hours allocated in this package but if you don’t, there is no pressure here.  We will continue to fly with you until you are confident and can meet the standard.  We want you to feel safe so that you can move on to further training and take your friends and family flying with you.

Inclusions in this course are:

  • Printed syllabus of training
  • All RAAus exams
  • 18 Flying hours
  • Ground Briefings as needed

When you are ready you will complete your RPC flight test with our CFI and submit your paperwork to RAAus for issue of your new RPC.  You’ll then be ready to take flight on your own within 25 NM of the airport (Bathurst or other uncontrolled airports only, in Canberra you’ll need a Controlled Airspace Endorsement).  

You will also then be ready to move on to navigation training.  This training can be completed in our Bristell if you only want to operate in uncontrolled airspace or if you intend to fly into controlled airspace you’ll complete an abridged RPL transition (in our Grob G115 or other CASA registered aircraft) then move on to a CASA navigation package.  The training is the same in both RAAus and CASA, its just the aircraft that differs. Your RAAus Navigation training is recognised by CASA also, you’ll just need to meet the experience and instrument flight requirements for that qualification prior to issue if you train in the RAAus system.