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At Learn2fly we don’t offer lessons, we offer courses.  It’s better for you and works out costing less in the long run.  We know what it really takes to get you qualified so we have built course packages that will get you there.  Some people need more or less than others but our packages are created, based on our experience, to give you a clear understanding of what you are getting for your training spend.  Our philosophy is based on our military training experience. We know how many hours it is really going to take and we also know that the hours in the air are just a small part of the process.  Time on the ground is important but if your flight school is only charging you in the air are they going to put in the hours for time on the ground?  The aircraft is the most expensive place to learn.  We know it is more cost effective and better for your progress if you spend time on the ground with your instructor so we built packages that deliver this for you.

We encourage regular bookings as far in advance as your schedule allows so you can manage your other commitments around your training. Bad weather? No worries come on in for your booking anyway. The packaging of your training means we have time for you so we can help you maximise your knowledge and teach you the skills you need beyond just wiggling the sticks. Reading the weather, understanding airspace, sitting your theory exams or even just growing your aviation general knowledge. The time on the ground is incredibly valuable so your lesson is on, even if we can’t fly that day. .    

You can train all the way to PPL and CPL with us, the packages we offer will get you there.  All you need to do is discuss your desired pathway with our team so we can best inform you. Give us a call or  an email and we can discuss your training journey.

Training pathways diagrams are shown below for your general information. It is important to note that both pathways lead to the same end state, only the training aircraft you use will change. If you need a PPL at the end of this training then you will need to sit a flight test with a CASA examiner in addition to passing the CASA PPL theory exams. If you are moving on to CPL, when you have your RPL we will work with you to guide you towards the best path for your subsequent training and experience building.

Option 1: RAAus all the way and the convert (if needed). 

Flight Training




Option 2: RAAus then CASA conversion, then RPL navigation endorsement.