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| Instrument Rating

Learn 2 Fly’s Instrument rating programs offers a comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of operating under the IFR, navigational aids, 2D and 3D approaches and all general IFR procedures.

Our training methodology diverges from confined exercises within limited ranges as we train on trips that closely replicate line charter flights. This approach effectively prepares our students for real-world IFR. We use genuine commercial techniques in industry relevant, IFR charter aircraft.

The teaching strategy we use for IFR training at Learn 2 Fly is designed to focus on real-world IFR techniques. We want to make good pilots, not just pilots who can pass a flight test. We will train you to do both sector entries and approaches that minimise the use of these, which is an invaluable skill for the practicalities of IFR charter.

Along with practical IFR flying skills and approaches our curriculum covers adverse IFR weather. We are able to simulate these scenarios using our advanced training simulator and guide our students on how to make safe decisions as part of our weather threat management training. We delve into the intricacies of large-bore fuel injected piston engines in a variety of training aircraft. You will learn IF skills in aircraft equipped with both Garmin glass cockpits and those featuring traditional analogue setups to allow our students to develop even more practical skills. Our training aircraft are also equipped with HF radio systems to ensure new IFR pilots have hands-on experience in these systems.

Lastly our IFR course also covers night operations, forming a crucial part of our training. Students will get exposure to aerodromes with LIRL, minimal ambient lighting and runways without visual slope guidance systems. At Learn 2 Fly we want to ensure our students are equipped with firsthand experiences in the real challenges IFR charter pilots face when operating so we make sure to leave nothing out.

Personalised training with proven results

Our courses run thought the year and can be completed in groups of up to no more than four students at a time, or do the whole course on a one-on-one basis. With a course time of 3-4 weeks for an IFR only course or 4-6 weeks with MEA Class Rating our full-time intensive IFR courses will encompass thorough training on all aspects of IFR flight.

You will experience the small class difference with Learn 2 Fly where our intentionally limited class sizes allow our instructors to provide you with the training and mentoring you need. Each IFR course is customised to your specific skill set and requirements to ensure you get the most out of the training you are paying for.

Our state of the art, certified simulator brings learning to the ground and allows you to practice, rinse and repeat until you have developed the practical skills we need to move to the aircraft. This also minimises downtime in multi-student courses, when others are our flying, you are on the sim honing your skills.

  • Small class sizes with a usual instructor student ration of 1:2 maximum of 1:4. 
  • Full-time intensive courses of 3-4 weeks.
  • MEA Class Rating training if required.

Investing in your career

The course costing estimates below are based on the typical IFR student and assume the pilot meets the prerequisites. Training to make up any of those prerequisites is available but will incur an additional cost, give us a call and we can discuss your particular circumstances.

Assumed Knowledge: CPL or PPL with 50 hours Cross country PIC. IREX theory examination complete (IREX theory course is available at L2F)

IFR Only Estimated Price: Up Front – $28,000 Payment Plan – $15,000 upon start, followed by 30 x fortnightly payments of $500

IFR and MEA Class Rating Estimated Price: Up Front and Payment Plans Available depending on aircraft type chosen.

All of these course prices are for Duchess or Twin Comanche training aircraft. 20 hours Sim and 20 hours aircraft time. Option to complete the course in a Seneca or Baron will incur an additional cost of $3000 Option to completed Single Engine IFR will reduce the total cost by $2000

All of our training courses are competency-based and pricing is estimated on the average student. Some students may required additional training that will come with an additional cost.