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At Learn 2 Fly our flight training ethos is focused on producing high quality commercial and private pilots to guiding the future of the Australian aviation industry. We are focused on training well equipped, safe and smart pilots rather than simply training cadets to obtain a licence. To achieve this, we are transforming the aviation learning environment and innovating our courses to make considerable infrastructure and asset investments to supply appropriate aircraft and simulators for training. At Learn 2 Fly we make learning effective and efficient through the use of state of the art technology, quality learning resources and a highly experienced team that draws on military, commercial and recreational aviation experience.

Learn 2 Fly CEO

Ben Surawski

Learn 2 Fly CEO

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About Ben

Ben has been flying for 19 years with 5000 hours of flying time. His experience includes fixed wing aviation as well as helicopter operation. His aviation history extends from offshore multi engine oil and gas to on-shore firefighting throughout Australia.

Senior Flying Instructor and Canberra Base Manager

Andrew Scheiffers

Senior Flying Instructor and Canberra Base Manager
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About Andrew

Andrew’s aviation background stems from his military experience joining the army in 1997. His army aviation career has led him to fly Blackhawk helicopters and OH58D attack helicopters in Afghanistan with the US army. Andrew instructs instrument flying, light aeroplanes and RAAUS aircraft. He is also our Regulatory Liason Officer (CASA and RAAUS).

Senior Flying Instructor and Manager of Standardisation

John Hunter

Senior Flying Instructor and Manager of Standardisation
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About John

John has over 17 and half thousand hours of flying experience spanning from the beginning of his career in the Australian airforce in 1987. John spent 15 years in the airforce and an additional 7 years as a reservervist for the airforce’s flying school. John also works for Qantas flying an Airbus A330.

Senior RAAUS Flying Instructor

Matt Norgrove

Senior RAAUS Flying Instructor

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About Matt

Matt has over 2 and a half thousand hours of flying experience and holds a CASA grade 2 instructor rating. His experience includes general aviation instructing as well as commercial flying operations.

Chief Flying Instructor

Diego Cavieres

Chief Flying Instructor
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About Diego

Diego has over 2000 hours of flying time in light aircraft as well as his commercial pilot’s license and scenic flying experience in Chile. Diego is a full time instructor at Learn 2 Fly and operates our much loved Bristell aircraft.

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