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| RPC Navigation Endorsement

You are ready to take to the skies!  You’ll complete this package if you are wanting to get more than 25 NM from the airport.  Lets be real, you are going to be wanting this training!!

You will have your RPC and be familiar with your training aircraft so you can continue straight from your RPC flight test into this package.  You will complete theory training for two days then self study to pass an RAAus Navigation endorsement theory exam.  You will then fly 17 hours (20 in Canberra) where you will gain experience in controlled airspace, cross country flight and navigation as well as visit airports that you have never been to before so that you can learn how to arrive and depart safely. 

The package includes all of the theory and practical experiences needed to gain the RPC Navigation endorsement.  When you are ready, a flight review will be completed by your senior instructor.

If you are then moving to an RPL you will work with your instructor to make sure you have met the experience requirements then complete a CASA form and your RPC and Navigation Endorsement will be recognised by CASA.  All you need to do then is bridge the gap between systems with our RPC-RPL conversion course and you can take flight in the aircraft of your choosing.