| Commercial Pilot License

This is the licence you need if you want to earn money as a pilot. Our instructor team is here to help you which career path to choose: Whilst some wish to become an airline pilot there are plenty of other opportunities such as industrial and agricultural operations or becoming a flight instructor! Once you have accumulated enough hours and honed your pilot skills you might even join Rescue Operations. Talk to our team to find out more!

Our commitment to you?

  • Full-time availability – 7 days a week, from first light until late afternoon.
  • Highly skilled instructors with up to 2,000 hours on all our aircraft models. Because safety ALWAYS comes first!
  • Non-crowded airspace. No waiting times before take-off – meaning you get your actual flight time in the air!
  • No hidden fees! Our packages are designed to get you straight to your desired pilot license.

What you need?

  • You must hold a PPL before you can commence CPL training
  • Be 18 years or older to receive your CPL
  • Must be fluent in English


Are there any medical requirements?

  • Class 1 Medical Examination issued by a DAME (Designated Aviation Medial Practitioner)

What’s involved?

You will need a total of 70 hours as Pilot In Command to get your CPL but you can include any solo hours flown when you first started your circuit training!

Learn 2 Fly’s CPL course aims to let you conduct additional qualification courses to increase your chances of getting hired by a potential employer.

You will also need to pass 7 CPL exams before you can get your CPL licence issued – you can build your flying hours simultaneously though, don’t worry.

These are the subjects needed for your CPL-Theory:

  • CPL Navigation (CNAV)
  • CPL Meteorology (CMET)
  • CPL Human Factors (CHUF)
  • CPL Air Law (CLWA)
  • CPL Aerodynamics (CADA)
  • CPL Aircraft General Knowledge (CSYA)
  • CPL Operation, Performance & Flight Planning (CFPA)

The pass mark for each subject is 70% (except Air Law which requires you to pass with 80%). From the date of your first exam you have 2 years to finish all subjects.

Once you have your full Commercial Pilot Licence you will have accumulated over 200 hours and be ready for your first job!

During your course you can also get additional qualifications, for example your Instrument and Multi-Engine Rating.


There are a lot of endorsements which you can add onto your RPL, PPL or CPL – this depends entirely on your choice and intentions.

Here at Learn 2 Fly we offer Instructor Rating, VFR Night Rating or Multi Engine Rating just to name a few.

Talk to one of our experienced instructors to discuss which of these complement your chosen career path. There are a lot of endorsements and ratings available as you can see in the list below:

  • Night VFR Rating
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Instrument Rating
  • Flight Instructor Rating
  • Navigation endorsement
  • Passenger endorsement
  • Controlled airspace endorsement
  • Radio endorsement
  • Tailwheel endorsement
  • Formation flying endorsement
  • Retractable endorsement
  • CSU endorsement
  • Low level endorsement
  • Aerobatic endorsement
  • Float endorsement

Frequently asked questions:

Is there a VET loan available?

YES! You can absolutely get a VET loan for professional Aviation qualifications – they are capped at $75,000.

We expect to run VET loan approved courses by 2022 at our Bathurst and Canberra schools.

Will I need a Uni degree to become an airline pilot?

You do not need a Uni degree to become an airline pilot in Australia and many other countries

in the world.

To work for QANTAS for example you just need your HSC as an academic requirement.

Contact us today to discuss your career path!

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